Pi Beta Phi

at Hillsdale College

About Our Chapter

Welcome! Thank you for taking the time to visit the Michigan Alpha chapter of Pi Beta Phi’s website.

I personally never believed that I would join a sorority in my career here at Hillsdale. Convinced that I would lose my individuality and freedom, staying independent seemed not only more appealing, but necessary. However, getting to know the women in Pi Beta Phi changed my mind. I saw that although they were were diverse and spread across activities all over campus, they worked compellingly well with one another, and so I decided to join. 

After I became a member and learned more about Pi Beta Phi, I discovered that their six core values united the entire Chapter around a common purpose; to be, as one of Pi Phi’s founders Fannie Thomas once stated, “an honor and blessing to our community.”

This requires our members to always act with integrity, to deal honestly, to be committed to personal and intellectual growth, to dedicate their efforts to philanthropic service, and to being sincere friends.

Across Hillsdale’s campus, you will see members of our Chapter excelling in activities ranging from in just about every extracurricular Hillsdale offers--endeavors like the Student Federation,  theater, dance, athletics, music groups, honoraries, and more. There is never a day where I am not inspired to be better by the truly phenomenal women by which I am surrounded. 

We as a Chapter are committed to serving our campus community through our academic and extracurricular excellence in addition to our national philanthropy, Read > Lead > Achieve®. We promote and aid in the cause for child literacy through both our fundraising efforts like Mr. Hillsdale and Pi Phi speed dating as well as through our Champions are Readers® Week, where we work with local Kindergarden classes directly.

Here in Pi Beta Phi, We are bonded together by a commonality of character, more so than by similar interests or personalities. Being unified in this way creates an environment conducive to understanding and growth, both of which are critical to college formation. We pride ourselves in our ability to cultivate and learn from the unique talents of our sisters while still remaining united by our common purposes.

We hope that you find our website enjoyable and informative! We thank you for your interest in the Michigan Alpha Chapter of Pi Beta Phi. Please do not hesitate to contact our Executive Council with any questions you might have, we are happy to answer them.

In the Wine and Silver blue,

Elise Farley

Chapter President

Hillsdale College Class of 2019